Merry Mission Journal

June 15, 2004

Looking Forward

The Merry Family is busy getting ready for our mission trip to Malawi. We have had all our shots, have assembled a first-aid kit, and have our anti-malarial medication in hand. The suitcases are being packed with all of the clothing, household goods and school supplies that we will need for the year.

The girls, Heather (16) and Brooke (13), are actively participating in their usual summer activities, a week at Camp Crestfield, mission trips, and Vacation Bible School.

Dan continues to work hard at the Pittsburgh Presbytery. At the end of July, the Acting Associate Pastor to Pittsburgh Presbytery for Medium-sized Churches, the Rev. Timothy Jones, will shadow Dan for a week, so that the transition goes smoothly.

Beth is busy gathering teaching supplies and making sure that the house and family are ready for the trip.

Two post-college age women, who are daughters of a Pittsburgh Presbytery minister (the Rev. Deborah Evanovich), will be house sitting for us. Our van is going to Kansas where Dan’s brother and his family will be using it for a year. Our other car is going to be used by the Lowell family, who are missionaries in Swaziland, Africa, but will be home on furlough while we are away. The family pets, Cookie (our dog) and Cottonball (our rabbit), will be well cared for by adoptive families for the year.

The preparations and packing will continue right up to our departure on Sunday, August 1, 2004. We ask that you continue to uphold us in prayer during this time of preparation and planning. We are looking forward to beginning this year of mission work.

Beth Merry

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