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July 12, 2004

Details, Details

With only a few weeks left until our departure, we are busy with final arrangements. We are trying to find things like electrical adapters, good walking shoes, and navy blue bathing suits for the girls PE classes at school. We have boxes and suitcases open and are gradually loading them with needed supplies. We have lists of things left “to do” but are busily crossing them off each day.

We are starting to say our goodbyes to family and friends as we prepare to leave. Brooke and I just returned from New Jersey and a visit to my parents’ home. This week my sister, Debbie and her family are coming in from Florida to bid us farewell. Dan’s brother and his family from Kansas as well as his Mother and stepfather will be coming in for a visit just before we leave as well.

Heather has just returned from Bristol, Tennessee, where she spent the week with the Bethany Presbyterian Church Senior Highs on a Mission Trip. This week she and Brooke will be busy with Girl Scout Day Camp, and then Heather will leave on July 20th for the Presbyterian Youth Triennium at Purdue University.

Cookie, our dog, got to meet her caregiver for the next year, the Rev. Laurie Milligan of Greenville, Pennsylvania. They got along famously and we think that Cookie will be spoiled rotten when we return! Our rabbit, Cottonball’s hutch will be moved two doors down the street in the upcoming week, to her new home with Tommy Wahl. So, as you can see, everything is falling into place!

The thing that we covet the most right now is your prayers. Here are some things that you, our prayer partners, might help us with –

Pray for:

  • A safe conclusion of our summer activities
  • A smooth transition between Dan and the Rev. Tim Jones
  • Safe travels and patience on the journey
  • Our Malawian partners as they prepare for our arrival and conclude renovations on the house we will live in.
  • A joyous departure as the girls say goodbye to their friends
  • The young women, Erin, Kelly and Kara, who will be house sitting for us.
  • The Lowell and Scott Merry families as they use and care for our cars.
  • Wisdom, as we decide what to pack
  • That all the last minute details will come together

We will continue to keep you apprised of our activities as we engage in the wonderful work God has designed for us.

Beth Merry

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