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September 23, 2004

Not for the Fainthearted

Living in Malawi is not for the fainthearted. Let me give you a rundown of the last two days to show you why.

The first day started when Heather spotted a giant cockroach in the bathroom. I killed it with a shoe and flushed it down the toilet.

After she came home from school, Brooke started screaming that there was a lizard in the dining room. This is not unusual, we have them all over the house in the evening, but it is unusual to see one in the daytime. We have started naming them, so that Brooke doesn’t freak out when she sees them. Sam and Jennifer live in the kitchen. Tammy frequents the girls’room. I like them because they eat insects, and even Brooke is getting used to them –sometimes. It just surprises you to see them scamper up the wall.

Later that night, Heather was popping popcorn on the stove (no microwave here) when for some reason the oil in the pan ignited and erupted into flames. Heather screamed and ran out of the kitchen, so I ran in and put a lid on the pot to smother the flames. Dan got pot holders and took the pan outside where it continued to burn until we doused it with water. The house was filled with acrid smoke. It was cold out, but we opened all the windows for an hour. Heather cried for a while, but we told her that accidents happen, and we gave her a new nickname - “Flame.”She had to laugh at that.

When Dan and I finally climbed in bed that night, exhausted, Dan felt something on his leg. We jumped out of bed, tossed back the covers and there was a huge black bug with iridescent wings. Dan quickly killed it.

Then yesterday I was at an Englishwoman’s lovely home for Bible study. We were in the middle of examining a passage in Isaiah when her cat came into the living room with a still wiggling rat in its mouth. That caused quite a stir among the women.

Isaiah drew his strength from the Lord, and so do we.

Beth Merry

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