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September 25, 2004

A Day at the Park

Today was the coolest day yet. We went to Nyala Park down in the Shire River Valley. We took my friend Aukje with us. It was so cool! Actually, it was so, so, so HOT. It must have been 110 degrees Fahrenheit. It was hot, but we were in the car most of the time looking at animals.

It was so different seeing animals in the wild rather than in a zoo. We saw everything the park had, but I still haven’t seen any monkeys!

At one point our car was surrounded by giraffes! I was about to die –it was so exciting! I got out of the car and got my picture taken with a giraffe behind me. It was neat.

We packed a picnic lunch and put it in a cooler in the back of the truck. Well, on the way to the Park, the cooler opened and everything fell out and got very, very hot. So we had melted cheese sandwiches and hot sodas for lunch instead of cold. It was interesting.

We also saw zebras and my Dad had a fun time trying to catch them in our car.

On the way home we saw the sugar plantation. They had mounds and mounds of pure sugar –yum! We also bought Alfred and his family three bags of charcoal for cooking. He was really happy.

When we got home we washed the truck. Everyone helped, even four year old Chrisman. Later that night we went over to Joel and Rebecca’s (Canadian missionaries) and had dinner. It was good.

It was my favorite day so far.

Oh, at the Park we took about 175 pictures and lots of movies. It was funny. It was a great day!

Brooke Merry

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