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October 7, 2004


One of the items in the agreement between Pittsburgh Presbytery and Blantyre Synod was that the Merrys would provide a haven of hospitality during our year here. Right now, that is the item that is keeping me the busiest. Sometimes I think we should hang out a shingle for “Merry’s Bed and Breakfast”or “Merry Meals.”All of us have immensely enjoyed all the company we have been having.

For instance, last weekend Heather had three Malawian friends for a sleepover on Friday. We made them a very American meal, meatloaf, which they liked so much that they wrote about it in our guest book. Saturday morning I made gingerbread pancakes for everyone. They were also a big hit.

Dan, who was at a CCAP conference on Saturday morning, called at 11:00 a.m. and said that he would be bringing a PC(USA) missionary (Frank Dimmock) home for lunch, and then he would drive him to Chileka Airport. I threw together some tunafish salad and potato salad (substituting cucumbers for the celery, which we can’t get here) and we were all set. The meeting ran overtime and they never made it home to eat, but had to go directly to the airport. Oh well!

Saturday evening we had six people from the Church of Scotland in Aberdeen and two Malawian pastors over for dinner. I made shepherds pie, a vegetable salad, cooked papaya and green beans. Dessert was a fresh fruit salad. It was interesting to hear the Scot’s talk about Malawi and their church in Scotland.

This week we have had five people over for lunches, and three for dinner. On Sunday we will have three doctors from Pittsburgh staying overnight with us and joining us for dinner and breakfast. On Wednesday it was my turn to bring refreshments to Bible Study so I made donuts. (No Krispy Kremes here!)

That gives you some indication of what our social lives are like. We really enjoy meeting and greeting all these people. Getting to know others from around the world is interesting and exciting. After dinner we usually sit around and talk, or some nights we get out the dominos and play a game with our guests.

There is no TV in our home, no movie theaters or bowling alleys in Malawi, and to tell you the truth, the constant flow of guests has helped us not miss those things a bit. We have been richly blessed by each and every guest in our home, and are looking forward to more food and fellowship throughout our year here. If you are in the neighborhood, stop in, there is always room for more! We would love to have you!

Beth Merry

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