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December 27, 2004

Christmas in Malawi

We will be leaving Blantyre in less than an hour, but I wanted to briefly tell you about Christmas in Malawi. The girls and June and Randy went to a "one hour" service for ex-patriots at St. Michaels on Christmas eve. The Malawians do not have a tennebrae service in their tradition. Dan and I drove the truck over after two and a half hours to get them and bring them home. The streets of Blantyre are not a safe place at night.

We had a beautiful church service on Christmas Day at St. James CCAP, and another on the 26th. Dan preached two wonderful sermons. (I am a bit prejudiced, but they were very well received - the Malawians especially loved his first person account of "Achmed," the innkeeper in Bethlehem.)

We had a wonderful time of opening presents, and we spent Christmas afternoon and evening at a pot luck celebration for missionaries at the Canadians’home. it was wonderful. I organized some Christmas games, Rebecca played Christmas carols on the piano and the kids played basketball outside. We enjoyed every minute.

I will try to write more later, but right now we are leaving for a long road trip. June and Randy's (Dan’s mother and step-father) gift to us is an all expense paid trip to Victoria Falls. The first night we will stay at a missionary guest house in Harare. We hope to see lions, cheetahs and rhinos along the way! We will write again as soon as we get back.

Thank all of you for your prayers. Christmas in Malawi was one we will never forget.

Beth Merry

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