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January 12, 2005

A Little Bit Of Everything

Well, it has been a long while since I have written last… It has been a crazy adventure so far, but I have found a few minutes to spare as Ariel and I sit here and watch Brooke do an interpretive dance to “Butterfly Kisses”! It is quite the show. (I have pictures to prove it!!)

Anyways, school started back yesterday and I think that I have finally gotten settled there. It was crazy during the first term, and when Mom and I went to Saint Andrew’s to get my schedule situated and things, they pretty much told me that I should go home because the British system doesn’t match with the America system… AT ALL! I was devastated to think that early on I would have to come home, be away from my family and not have this experience. We decided that I needed to stay and that I would deal with the school system. I have adapted for the most part, and have made some really wonderful friends.

Friends… Brooke and I have made quite a few friends here and as Emma would say “It’s because you are American.” My best friend is Claire, she the daughter of Northern Irish missionaries that have been here for 6 years. Then there is Emma, another person from Northern Ireland, who lives at our house most of the time. Aukje, who comes from Holland, helps Brooke and I with the handicap club at Ndirande. At school I have met a lot of new people, most of them Malawian, some South African, and a Zimbabwean. (The picture on the youth trip brochure is me and my Malawian friends Bernadetta, Benitta, and Cathy.) Although it is very hard for me to be away from my friends and family at home, I am making the best of the opportunity that God has given me here!

Our kids!!!!!!!!!!!! Alfred, the young man who works in our home, lives with his family in a small home at the rear of our property. Brooke and I have become very close with Alfred’s children. The children don’t know much English (and I don’t know very much Chichewa), but they do know “Auntie” which is what they call us! We also taught them “Up high, in the middle, down low, too slow.” Every afternoon after school we come home and play with them. At first they did not like us and would cry because of our white faces, but now our parents have to tell us when to come in, because we are out there hour after hour playing with our kids!

The wall… because of the recent burglary we have decided to take some extra precautions. We had the Synod employees make us an outside gate for the front door so that when we leave it makes it much harder for people to get in, because every door in the house will be gated and locked. We also decided to build an 8-foot brick wall around the property. They started wall today and will be done in “3 weeks”… hopefully! They were digging away and delivering stone and sand in a big truck this afternoon. My mom will have pictures and a journal entry on this at a later date…

Well, that is all for now! I will make sure that I write more often from now on, but until next time. Tionana! (Until next time!)

Heather Merry

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