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March 1, 2005

The Guest Book

One of the goals of our exchange program here, was “…offering hospitality to Malawians, American visitors and the international community that is gathered in Blantyre, making their home a true house of hospitality.”

We have told you about how much WE have enjoyed welcoming people from all over Malawi and the world into our home, but I thought it might be interesting for you to hear what they actually thought. So, in their own words, here is what a few of our guests have written in our Malawian elephant dung paper guest book:

We are blessed to be with you and Jon (Chapman, PCUSA, Louisville) on this wonderful day. Thanks for your hospitality.
~ Gordon and Catherine Neilson (Presbyterian Disaster Assistance) Oklahoma, 9/24/04

Your hospitality and the quality of discussion have been delightful! We learned so much about Malawi and its vibrant Christian Church.
~ Peter Olley, Aberdeen, Scotland 9/28/04

Thanks so much for a great sleepover and great food! Not that I got much sleep, tho!
~ Emma Soye, Presbyterian Church of Ireland, Blantyre

My stay here was more wonderful than I could ever imagine. I tasted meatloaf for the first time and I ’ m pretty sure it was the best meatloaf ever, Thank you!!! May the good Lord be with your family always.
~ Bernadetta Hankie, Blantyre 10/2/04

Thank you for a wonderful meal and conversation and laughter and stories of Australia and New Zealand. Have fun on your adventure to Victoria Falls.
~ Janice Hamilton PCC, Saskatchewan, Canada, 10/7/04

We have enjoyed the dinner and conversations at this house, especially the reminiscing about the Malawian visit to Pittsburgh in 1991.
~ Harry Mandiwa, Sheena Machiniri, Eldrin and Phylis Lunguja, Chigamula, Malawi 10/15/04

My time in Malawi and Domasi has been a life altering experience & I’m happy that your family was a most memorable part of it. Enjoy the remainder of your stay!
P.S. The gingerbread pancakes rule!
~ Carolyn Dutton (MD) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 10/22/04

Thank you so much for your hospitality and friendship. Your family has made our trip complete and enjoyable. I have enjoyed my time in Malawi and hope to continue to do other mission work. Enjoy your stay in Africa.
~ Daniel Rashid (MD), Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

As can be previously read, I too can attest to the warm hospitality provided by the Merry Family. Heather & Brooke, thank you for your beds. Beth, thanks for the wonderful meals. Dan, your big smile and large heart will stay with us until our next visit. God bless you all as we work together within the Kingdom.
~ Always your brother in Christ, Chip Lambert (MD) Sewickley, Pennsylvania 10/22/04

What a wonderful surprise to be received so graciously when we arrived in Blantyre by a special family from Pittsburgh. Thank you for your over the top hospitality.
~ Gene McKelvey, Medical Benevolence Foundation, Houston, Texas 11/4/04

Thank you so much for making it possible for me to contact my family (by email) during our visit…
~ Gail Bingham PC(USA) Louisville, Kentucky

Thanks for your friendship and kind hospitality. Great to be with people who speak the same language, (mostly) and eat the same food.
~ John, Rosemary, Claire, Aaron, Jonathan and Luke Hanson, Presbyterian Church of Ireland Missionaries, Blantyre Synod

It is wonderful to be able to have fellowship with you.
~ Sue Makin PC(USA) Missionary to Mulanje Mission Hospital, Malawi 12/4/04

…let me say Zikomo Kwambiri for all the grace you have shown us. Thanks also for showing me parts of the country I’ve never seen and for opening up your lives a bit to us in the process. Who could forget the times we spent digging the truck out, or clearing the brush in Nyala, or arguing about who got to ride in the back of the truck…And Heather and Brooke, I’m especially thankful for the hours we spent gazing at the incredible bird life in Malawi!
Above all I want to thank you for the friendship that we share. I have been blessed with a new understanding of Spiritual friendship and would invite you to look at 2 Cor. 2:12-13 and 1 Cor. 7:5-7. The way that Paul and Titus were blessed by each other reminds me of the gift that God, and you, have given me. Thank you.
Mulungu Akudalitsen!
~ Dave Carver, Crafton Heights, Pennsylvania 1/26/05

We have really been honored to visit you and enjoyed the food. You are wonderful people and as a family we have enjoyed being here. We will live to remember.
~ Dean and Thoko, Zingwagwa, Malawi 2/12/05

We are the ones who have been blessed by these and many other guests who have graced our home this year. We are looking forward to the next few months when many more visitors are scheduled to arrive on our doorstep.

Beth Merry

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