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May 2, 2005


Recently there was a young man at the Tuesday Ndirande session for the handicapped who I had never seen before. He seemed to know everyone and although he is an older teenager, he was enjoying drawing on a piece of white paper using colored pencils like the children. His drawing, however, was very technical, and he was using a protractor to draw straight and curved lines.

I asked Wicka who he was. She said he was an “alumnus.” His name is Vincent and he can not hear or talk at all, but they had gotten him a job last year with a roofing company. He usually works all day now, and is unable to come to the Tuesday afternoon meetings. But he was there sporting a hat, one blue glove and some very fashionable, though tattered, duds. His job obviously provided him with a measure of economic security. The missionaries were thrilled to see him so well dressed and happy.

Vincent’s mother said that there was no nurse to help her deliver her baby in the hospital delivery room when Vincent was born. During the trauma of delivery the tiny infant fell off the delivery table and onto the cement floor. She felt that was why her son could not hear or talk.

Whatever the reason for his disability, it was really encouraging to see such a successful, well adjusted young man and to know that, one by one, lives are being improved.

Beth Merry

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