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June 6, 2005


As much as I am excited to come home and see everyone there, I am also very sad to be leaving my friends here. They are part of my life now, but the problem is, I don’t know where or when, or even if I will ever see them again, and in a way that is very hard to comprehend.

Since late January to early February I have been hanging out after school with Hannah Kamwendo (that last name might sound familiar to some of you, she is Anderson’s daughter). We went there for dinner one night and became very good friends, and since she only lives three houses down, we hang out together almost every day. Meeting her has been one of the best things that has happened to me while in Malawi because I have met so many other people that have now become my friends. I mean, I had Malawian friends at school, but this is different.

On a normal day I would come home and change out of my school uniform, do some homework and then it would be between 4:00 and 4:30 that either I would go down and get Hannah or she would come up here and get me. Then we make our way over to H.H.I. Secondary School and hang out with some other kids that are now my friends. I used to just be the ‘white girl’ that everyone saw walking around the Synod, but now I am Heather, and I am friends with them and it is really nice.

I guess the thing that made me write this journal (besides Mrs. Cullison bugging me like all the time about it) is today, I was going out my gate to pick up Hannah, and my friend Short Stuff was walking towards me, and he said, ‘Heather, Hi, How are you? I have missed you so much, where have you been?’ I said, “Aw, I missed you too. I have been here, where have YOU been?’ And then I asked him where he was going, and he said that he just came to get me because he wanted to see me. I felt so special, and it kind of hit me that I won’t get to see my new friends too much longer, so I need to enjoy every minute that I have with them!

Heather Merry

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