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Funeral Planning

Christians recognize the inevitability of death and the emotional stress that is present in this time of loss. There are often many decisions to be made at a time when family members need to comfort and be comforted without undue pressure for practical concerns. For this reason the Southminster Presbyterian Church in Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania, provides a way for members to give advance consideration to these matters and to record their personal wishes for procedures to be carried out at the time of their death. The information is kept in confidence and may be reviewed, revised, or withdrawn at any time. The form for recording this information is called “Expression of Personal Wishes for Procedures at Time of Death”. It is recommended that the decisions made be discussed within the family or with those persons close to the individual who may be responsible for carrying out the wishes of the church member.

While the information here is not a legally binding document, it does serve to aid and guide the family members in making decisions that they can feel confident reflect the desires of their family member.

Death and the Witness to the Resurrection

  • The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the central doctrine of the Christian faith. As Christians we affirm a common faith which extends to our attitude toward death, our acknowledgement of the resurrection, and our firm belief in the life everlasting.
  • This document provides information and guidance for funeral planning.

Expression of Personal Wishes Form

  • This form can be filled out and returned to the Church Office. It allows you to express your personal wishes for the time of your death.

Information for Family form

  • This form allows you to list final directions and instructions upon your death. It should be given to those close to you when completed.

Hymns for Witness to the Resurrection

  • Possible Hymns to be used in the memorial service/funeral.

Scripture for Witness to the Resurrection

  • Scripture passages suitable for the memorial service/funeral.



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