Jennifer Stampfel

Director of Children's Ministry

Phone: 412-343-8900

Ms. Jennifer Stampfel has been called to walk alongside of children and youth in their faith journey since she was very young. Passionate about serving children and their families, she is dedicated to helping them feel more connected with their church community, and supporting them in their walk with Christ. Coming from a small, yet tightknit family, Jennifer’s parents (Norma and Jim) were central in her faith formation. Jennifer has been actively involved in several churches since her early teens and is continually sharpening her skills to continue serving the smallest members of the “Body of Christ.”

As the 2011 recipient of The University of Pittsburgh Israel Nationality Room Scholarship Award, Jennifer briefly traveled to Israel to study Hebrew in the Old City of Jerusalem. In 2018, she returned to Israel/Palestine as a part of a Mission Trip through Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, Shadyside Presbyterian Church, and other local partners. While attending Seminary, Jennifer volunteered with children and youth for several years at local churches. In early 2020, she completed her field education, with Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, as a Pastoral Intern at Mt. Lebanon Evangelical Presbyterian Church. As Pastoral Intern, Jennifer participated in preaching, educating, and stewardship.

Jennifer graduated from the Pittsburgh Theological Seminary in May of 2021 with a Master of Divinity. She currently resides in the South Hills with her dog (Jake) and cat (Echo). Jennifer is an avid Walt Disney World fan, enjoys anything history related, traveling, and Mediterranean food.